The Hat Hitch Wind Strap
The Hat Hitch Wind Strap

The Hat Hitch Wind Strap

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So you love your Real Deal Brazil recycled-tarp hat about as much as one human being can love a hat, huh? Trouble is, strong winds and deep water can take quite a shine to your uncommon head-topper as well. And when Mother Nature puts her mind to it and those two elements combine, you may find yourself all too suddenly mourning the permanent loss of your beloved rugged headwear.
To put it simply, if your RDB blows off your head and lands in the drink, that's likely the last you'll ever see of it. Made as it is from heavy, tightly stitched cotton canvas, your one-of-a-kind tarp hat is gonna sink, like a stone. We've heard way too many sad stories of drowned RDBs never to rise again from their watery graves.
So in response to the pressing need to help protect your headwear from an untimely end in the clutches of some blustery gust, we offer the Real Deal Brazil Hat Hitch Wind Strap. It's inexpensive, simple and quick to attach to your hat, and then as easy to remove when you want to again go, y'know, strapless.
How simple? Just run each end of the soft leather through one of your original RDB hat's back grommets, from the inside out. Next, feed the strap-ends back through their respective front grommets, pulling down on the two dangling strips to where the exposed straps on the outside of the hat crown become flush with the fabric. Lastly, put on your trusty hat, tucking the back end of the strap behind your head, and thread each of the strap-ends through one of the two holes of the adjustable spring-loaded slider, snugging the strap up against your chin.
And just like that, your hat is no longer a potential plaything for that greedy, greedy wind!
Hat Hitch Wind Strap does not include RDB hat with purchase.