Canadian Made Bamboo Apparel

Why Bamboo?

-naturally hypoallergenic and moisture wicking

-very soft and comfortable

-repels odours and toxins

-sustainable: grows very quickly, requiring no fertilizers or pesticide, doesn't deplete the soil

Why Canadian Made?

  My Dad was on to something when he would return all apparel that wasn't made in Canada!  Manufacturing is often sourced to overseas companies which allows the production to be much cheaper.  This is almost always reflected in the quality of the material, not to mention the obvious discrepancies with sizes.  It is our opinion at ETC. Gift Studio, that we should concern ourselves with quality over quantity and purchase items that will fit, last and will make you feel good about doing your small part.  If we all changed our purchasing to support local/Canadian made products by only 5% more than we do today, the economy would be entirely different.